The Most Underrated Actress

It is often the case. Mesmerizing appearance. Passion. Game. Everything is awesome. And film laugh.
I propose to discuss Actresses who were underestimated and very little is removed.
Criteria of undervaluation would be completed less than 70 career and films on IAFD and/or EGAFD (European).
My candidates:
Aka Mathilda Mathilda Fessier
Rose aka Rose Cummings
And your?

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  • huligan630 says:

    Ludmilla Antonova. In our country, quite famous, by the movie about Snow white.
    But in General is undervalued – less than 20 movies, starring in a couple movies.

  • For me, unfortunately a sign of the undervaluation of the stars is not something she rarely starred, and the fact that it is not popular here and I’d give my personal palm actress Desiree Moore ( Desire Moore), a beautiful American woman with a very interesting appearance, mostly starred in lesbian films, at least there I often see

  • FrenZy says:

    HotKinkyJo, too, believe a little underrated. Well, there was one movie like Anal Acrobats. And so basically removed in the same genre, but I would like to see her more in the group scenes such as “LegalPorno” or “HardcoreGangbang”. Let takes the example or Alisya Isabella Clark!

  • I think it’s underrated if very few people like, and quite a few spots. A few spots most likely so at their own volition and not due to lack of demand, but if a bunch of commercials and no one likes it much sadder.
    Here’s my unpopular list of Actresses which are either few know, or hardly anyone pays attention, I think:
    Sabine Mallory
    Very beautiful, is unknown because few were shot.
    Charlotte Vale
    At first glance, nothing special and even unattractive, but femininity and sexuality off the charts. Recommend:
    Isabella Soprano
    Such a cute and innocent creature, even though he worked in a brothel… (see about her in the Cathouse series from HBO)
    Kelly Wells
    Rollers a lot but no one’s really feeling, but as for me she is very attractive.

  • Glamour 505 says:

    I think the most underrated – beauty Vivian Silverstone.
    In the movies only on the sidelines, but as bright….
    It is a pity that there is no puck with her skates. The most hyped – casting P. Woodman №15.

  • Asidman says:

    I have made some boundaries undervalued.
    Figured, let it be at least 70 films in the list IAFD (who finished his career).
    Have a Holly Body 174 in the list, underrated you can’t call it.
    But Kelly Havel — 26. What you need.

  • Grisould says:

    well as anyone, I don’t know… personally, I was touched (read: excited) only 1% of films shown in different Privates and God forbid some ordinary American pron. While it would seem now appeared trivial, that is, indeed it is trivial, for example under the guise firstanalquest c their selection of girls and poses – very… don’t know why.

  • RusJIan says:

    Classical standards of beauty excite an aesthetic emotion, but the sexual excite different nuances, disproportion and asymmetry(taste and color)of Modern beauty standards, largely imposed by the leaders of fashion, and there is no straight campaign . If before the pron ,fashion,Hollywood was different get-togethers now all mixed up,jumping from one to the other.In the 90s still had more poetry full of ,the Approach was different. And now just a business. but private should be protected, the atoms then other have to look for. In General, the human being is ambiguous.He wants beauty, purity, heavenly.The vulgar debauchery in the bushes.the main facets of seperate.

  • nikolai4 says:

    The majority of porn consumers otsenyvayut your chances of a hit, such as jenna Jameson as zero. But the Belladonna it is possible to imagine as a sexual partner. Beauties are basically lazy ,fixated on themselves arrogant. A women with a flaw more diligent,responsive,compliant,nekatoryh a crazy temper.

  • Skiminok says:

    Of course, that the porn actress had become a star, you need to be hyped. But this is not the only condition, she should be able to “do it”, and so different from hundreds of other girls and women engaged in this business. And appearance here not the main thing. The porn star should be pronounced penchant for sex in public. And “invaluable” as a rule, it is not enough, they can be good, but as if to say, “blackest” is not enough.

  • lebedev says:

    Anissa Kate can be seen as undervalued. Relatively aspiring actress, on the strength of 2 years is removed. But the filmography is very small. All “at it” and figure, and beauty, and soul. Why is she paid little attention Directors. Basically, just take off the rollers. Or maybe she refuses. Although rightly so, if so. The rarer the actress is removed, the more it wants to see the audience.

  • gilded cunt says:

    Kimberly Kane… of course, she’s famous, but in my opinion deserves more recognition!! Natural, fun, sexy but still very funny, and I think, judging by the interview.

  • Rudy Forster says:

    Who are some other Hollywood actresses that you think are underrated ? CriticXtreme. Here’s something you’ll never see or hear about. The 8 most over- rated black actresses . Damn shame.

  • Tamara5 says:

    Briella Bounce
    Such a sweet ass like hers, except that Sara Jay or Kelly divine, but the first in recent times almost not removed, and the second a bit boring already)

  • servibilis says:

    I think acrise successful, most likely, firmly decided for myself that are in this business for at least five years, and are ready for a lot to stay in mind, plastic surgery, improve sex technique and acting. In his interview with Aletta ocean and angel Dark said you wanted to do, and their hard work is appreciated by dignity, each with millions of fans around the world, Aletta active upgrade, angel this is not a problem, its nature has generously endowed, and next year she will celebrate the anniversary of 10 years in the profession.
    Underrated actress might simply not able to meet with the right people or went to porn to earn extra money, or out of curiosity.
    Beautiful face and a beautiful body porn secondary, the main thing is the ability, skills and animal magnetism for example Sasha grey, Yes the same aforementioned Jesse Jane appearance at the Amateur and chest are ugly, but in every scene he Fucks like the last time.

  • Nikolas-13 says:

    Guys, most girls that you have here in the stars predict, possess a really peculiar appearance. It is clear to me why you like them, but to the porn Canon big Tits + big ass + babydoll face (or at least third with the rest in moderation) with them all the way to the stars cancer. And you have here, aka DeliciousFlatChest flat, no ass, exotic face, clearly an Amateur, then do a full Ala good man should be plenty.
    These “stars” really needs to be VERY beautiful, so far I like most of the men and at the same time VERY high quality work mouth, hands, booty and cock.
    And you have here a list of rather ordinary (with rare exceptions) girls who know how to “VERY high quality work mouth, hands, booty and front end” and like you personally.
    And those “rare exceptions” I mentioned, just realized, IMHO, that can do something else besides porn and left, hence its undervaluation.
    Would have stayed in porn, would be stars, for example, a simple girl not filmed would never studios type DDFGirls as Adrienne Klass, was taking photos of the girls with real potential to be a star.

  • Marat696 says:

    Dalny Marga is one of the most underrated Actresses.She’s got everything ( and in its 43 years old !)-and the figure, and the breast, and ass, and a manicure that inspires the desire.But…she’s a porn star B-class ( A-coolest )..a Travesty…

  • swatt19 says:

    IMHO, the most underrated spokeswoman for the industry – is a Czech actress Olivia La Roche. Talented and cute girl, but that’s just films it.

  • truwor says:

    On account of Samantha Ryan , completely agree. Very rare to find such dedication, so does everything from the heart, that’s amazing. She would make a great Hollywood actress.

  • nnsash says:

    I think that it is not an underestimation, and dumping. Actresses are ready to play too much. In the end, the Studio can afford to recruit new performers almost every film 100%. To come up with something new in Pronia is a difficult task, but to offer a new face (and only face) – it is simple, and some no – novelty – there is a way to hook a potential consumer.
    In addition, the concept of “stardom” – it’s different everywhere. In the United States is a huge fees, because there the consumer is really important – whether famous actress or not. In Europe – just a lot of work.

  • ROMAN044 says:

    Personally, I believe this girl the most underestimated Evropeiskoi, which could achieve a lot in pornography, if the Americans were watching closely. And her name is Jasmine Black and she comes from Romania. Someone could certainly say that it seems like not enough (search in help), but upon closer inspection, not so much=). Although compared with at least the aforementioned Kelly Lenox, which has six rollers reach, Jasminka more than hundreds of “works”, but this is not enough for recognition. She’s just not caught the eye of those who need=). By now, it should be at the peak of popularity. With such data… Yes, here it is (photo below). But Aletta ocean (Aletta Ocean) – in my opinion the most hyped at the moment, the Europeans – I think the most overrated. That’s nothing: slept with some producer and the kings. Sad.

  • 0502827077 says:

    Definitely Sarah Blue!
    Just stunning European actress, which is very small.
    Let the little chest, but there is some sparkle in this charming girl) She always has a nice smile that gives just a sea of positive =)

  • Recently came across a video with Sandra de Marco (Sandra Mark). Why I had never heard about it? The latest video from her 2005 It has not removed? If so, it is the most underrated of the underrated. What are the things she is doing… And how beautiful she is… Now she is my favorite actress.

  • magadar says:

    in my opinion the most underrated actress is Angelina crow . Although she starred in Evil Angel but I think it is if it will appreciate Well , she can beat tighter Audrey Holander or even Nina Harley … She does really anything … But, unfortunately, she does less and less …

  • There is clearly unclear criteria of nedootsenennost, as saith the author. Obviously, Tory lane this is not complaining, but to write down our disposable starlets too controversial.
    Unknown reasons why one or the other girl gave up a career or were not able to develop it: one can successfully (!?) married and even gave birth to another corny went to the section the provision of erotic services, the third makes a career in the clubs, which I understand in Eastern Europe and not only a dime a dozen, and therefore can not be removed any more (not sure). I’m not talking about the disgusting nature or regular violation of the regime . Plus there are the added unwillingness of some to appear in scenes type anal, dp, dap, tap (triple!!!ap), gangband, bdsm, etc., which become very popular among our brethren. Even banal cum-shots and derivatives abruptly -swapping,-spit,-swallow, not all Actresses seem to taste.
    Besides the above-mentioned “valuation” is hardly reflected in the number of awards or the size of the sheet filmography:
    – for awards, clear odds to have American Actresses or those of our (European), who there drove, because the ocean not only better developed the structure of pornprostate, but “premium” part of it (I think so);
    – filmography for several hundred positions is often more than half consists of all sorts of compilations, gonzo or pov (question: is this considered a valuation only for this genre or the undervaluation for “real” porn?), + here the crowd clips from sites not in the list (example: BEATA UNDINE mentioned above).
    In short, my “small” list is invaluable (perhaps some contradicting himself, because the only personal criterion of “nedootsenennost”: a few scenes involving one or the other Actresses, regardless of the reasons):
    almost all of the 90’s, because many unknown can be, and “private” most
    hidden text
    Can continue, but I’m afraid now no one will master this treatise.
    American don’t know I don’t like movies and actress, respectively, too – too much silicone (and in all places, and this is clearly for show), tattoo and body piercing: it is better our Dasha, Glasha, Natasha with face brick and a little podrihtovali fuselage than guttaperchivye Belladonna or rubber doll Jenna Jameson. This is my personal opinion, can be challenged.

  • molot111 says:

    In my opinion underrated with quite simple models, which either limit the options of shooting, or create problems.
    For example, the aforementioned Rio Valentine, in fact, glowed in the soft-porn. It rolled for beauties in the time of Anita’s Blonde, but today, the model who starred in asnelles or DP – the stars will not fall. There are of course rare exceptions, but this is an exception.
    One of striking examples – Milly Jay. Very beautiful models, but only the classics (the only anal scene in the casting with BugMeNot). The result is shone at a steep studios (Hustler, Rocco), but not gone.
    But the above Matilda’s essentially star Drelevsky French beauty seems to just confuse the girl.

  • LeonardoMay says:

    Well, these same studios are invited is still very much anyone))
    You, for example, can prove that Tory lane the studios are much more popular than the average actress?
    Take any movie with tori on the cover of another less attractive the actress is. So what facts do you have?
    And So… the AVN awards she has little. And what a superstar that is hundreds of rating? Superstar should be in the top-10 at least.

  • Beterok says:

    Rita G
    girl from the clip Kanye West – Flashing Lights. On account of its a lot of erotic photosets (some can be equated to pornographic) and a fairly modest role in porn films. Modest because they have no sex scenes with her participation, and in the photos she is posing solo.

  • r.g.m. says:

    IMHO, among the Americans greatly underestimated Tory lane. I think it can be safely put on a par with Sasha grey, tori black and other American Actresses of the first echelon.
    Also, I think more attention should be European actress Lisa Sparkle.

  • FOXy... says:

    Ivy Crystal .
    I remember this lady. It is easier to find in photo shoots, I’ve seen one or two with her. Colorful girl indeed. And the photo was there here it is with this frame:))) on some disk about eight years ago. But it’s gangbangers, as I recall…

  • ammatty says:

    Here I am not ready to “share” forgive me, because for a correct understanding who is who, you need to watch at least the fate (aka movies, photo shoot, PR) the beloved actress. I really like some of the aunts, but not interested in their pornovecchie life, and therefore to adequately assess those who are “undervalued” and those who “accidentally lit up, gained, and lost”, I do not presume.
    Help me who can.

  • Starchina78 says:

    A very interesting topic for discussion, because it is very easy to succumb to enumerate favorite little girls, but quite possible consequence of the holivar reasonably predskazuemosti administration. Thank the gods of Ancient Greece.
    Worth it, I think at least some criteria to identify to help you understand what is exactly “underrated actress” and some nouneym “that’s the girl La well, just well, the same should be La on AVN2010 because I guys its good nah!”

  • hellraiser78 says:

    All of course quite subjective, as any other could say:
    a) Yes, it was ugly and incompetent
    b) wow underrated, but it is in fifty movies, I’m on it every pornosayte stumble
    Nevertheless, my options:
    Kimber Troy, Kathy Caro, Monica Moore.
    Besides, I can name you a dozen of amatorek, which was lit only in a few scenes, which I think is not that undervalued, but I would like to see them more often.

  • shilowo62 says:

    Underestimate the very, very many. The most underrated and impossible to remember, because they are so underestimated that even forgot the name
    I really liked the actress Morgan Dayne. I wrote a couple of times in the topic Johnny Loves Morgan, but no one wanted to look at her. Then she changed her name to Rio Valentine and signed it would seem the most lucrative contract with Digital Playground and now it should have been they appreciate. But sometimes even greater happiness, became pregnant, the contract covered with a copper basin. Morgan remained a happy mother and there are only 12 movies on the list. That’s how it is.

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