The Best Male Pornstars

I think no one will argue that it’s important not only to watch who fucks, but how to fuck. We accept specific names and surnames (just because of the multiplicity of options I decided to do a survey on the “categories” as I could) My version for the seed: Manuel Ferrara in the position on his side (very sensually spits the heifers) and James Dean (found out here that to him everything 23!) Write the names of the actors only in the original in the Latin alphabet!

Our top is here:
1 Manuel Ferrara
2 Erik Everhard
3 Lexington Steele
4 Johnny Sins
5 James Deen
6 Keiran Lee
7 Marco Banderas
8 Prince Yahshua
9 Mandingo
10 Nacho Vidal

And what is yours?

56 comments on “The Best Male Pornstars

  • VanDorf says:

    There is a couple of multi-arms, George Uhl who can pour out a couple of times during the sexual act, Alberto Rey lowering, actively podrachaivaet and ends again, this is certainly a strong feature, but in the scene I’m interested in the process of dabbling as the dude keeps the pace The partner turns, puts in different poses, shows her open holes and again dives and so on, and the main thing is that he in the finale plentifully merged, and then in the process of losing the seed, and the kamshot will be limited to two drops.
    To those six dudes, about which I already wrote, I wanted to add 4 more, so that the top 10 turned out.
    7. Greg Centauro is a short, but very active guy, fries the girls perfectly, it’s a pity that he died.
    8. Mike Angelo is normal so the girls on her x * r curve plant
    9. Frank Versace in Woodman’s films, he basically saw, hammered like a jackhammer
    10. Franco Roccaforte, in order to be politely correct, one of the few blacks, whom it is more pleasant to watch, because it does not punt, but does its job.

  • There are a lot of good scapegoats in the city, but personalities are not so common. Having seen enough porn, I found myself thinking that it’s more pleasant to watch dudes with big bolts, although there are small-caliber craftsmen. He once sympathized with Peter North, but after he found out that he was starting in gay porn, he stopped respecting him, even his ability to pour out abundantly does not block this shameful start.
    For me, the number one old Rocco, brutal, tall, handsome, athletic, boxing, even once engaged in, for which he also respected, well, and most importantly a big and thick penis, without which, the world would not have known about him.
    In second place, ACC Castan of all Europe Le Castel, found his niche and brought something new to the genre of gonzo, and also enriched the dictionary of pornographers with the expressions BIIIIM and KUKMAL.
    In third place is also an excellent plowman Nacho Vidal, the girls are frying great, but he did not do something revolutionary in the genre, so he is inferior to the first two comrades.
    In the fourth place, the ubiquitous David Perry, when he was still on tapes, every second was with his participation, deserves a medal for loyalty and diligence.
    In fifth place, the owner of the curve as a Turkish member saber, and the biggest porno-humorist Christophe Clarke, a very original passenger, different from everyone in this business, the second such is not.
    In the sixth place, Uncle Omar, he interested me with his love to play snowballs, collect his own sperm with his mouth and spit it out in the lady’s mouth, assholes are tearing at URA.
    Woodman closes the top-list, he is also a talented porn director, one of the pillars of the Privat studio, also fiercely fry young ugly girls, but he does not show much variety in poses, however, in his films such diversity exists + to this different, interesting perspectives.

  • DRYUNIK says:

    Scot Nails – is also not bad but it has disappeared somewhere.
    Nacho Vidal – this is generally just a crazy fucker and there is something to learn.
    James Deеn – mega star since Bought it for a role in a Hollywood movie. He bypassed the Hollywood taboo and was able to play a very decent thin. Movie.
    Markus Tynai stands out from the Russians? I do not know him in Russian. Also a megatracher. The volume of work is not far behind amerikosov. In general, he has skills. Such a squirt which he did in the site of the same name, I did not see anywhere. Absolute breakthrough! In the semi-amateur cinema of students he was more cheeky than today’s hard worker like Jonny Sins.
    Europeans Tony Ribas and Pieree Rocco Soffredi David Perry. Of the youth there is one Spaniard, as I do not remember.

  • vitaliy11 says:

    In my opinion, the best actor now is Keiran Lee.
    I would also say: Johnny Sins (although he lacks chips), Ramon, Xander Corvus.
    Who I can not stand this: Nacho Vidal (excessive rigidity to the partners, and constantly and always bydlovato-impudent expression), Jordan Ash.
    James Deen-good, but “completion” is not very cool.
    Manuel Ferrara-probably cool, but he still does not like me very much.

  • ALEXSTAS says:

    The actor, which is shot for FakeTaxi and FakeAgentUK. As the name does not know, but the man, as they say, can! Approximately every 3 days there is one new video from the sites.
    And at the end, almost every video, shoots a cum on a meter of whores in the face! In several videos, he still met, but I do not remember which ones. Can someone know his name?

  • kisurigo says:

    Now oddly enough, one of the most popular actors is our compatriot -Marcus Dupree. Or someone can call him Lehi.
    The guy is really a good factor. He wants to see many studios.

  • egor5557 says:

    1. Nacho Vidal – a good body, a good member, tough and varied, with a spark, knows his business, long and interesting; At the moment there are no equal; Of the minuses – sometimes rude not in the subject …
    2. Manuel Ferrara – an interesting “story”, I would say with feeling doing its job, look beautiful videos; There is not enough fire compared to Nacho, for me, just not enough physical preparation)
    3. Johnny Sins – a good body, long and dynamic; There are no “chips”, just the best among all the others and ordinary-looking ones.
    Rocco Siffredi – a legend, porn can be divided into what was before and after him; At the moment, of course concedes the first three, but … They just continue his manner, each in his own way, taking something from him and developing.

  • Evgen67 says:

    I adore the actor Tristan Segal! For the first time I saw him in the video “Mya & Tristan in passion get fun together”, after which she was completely ecstatic … Very exciting … His caresses, looks, expression … I have not seen any actors who could So impress me. Now I am looking for all his films and films with his participation. He is unrealistically sexy, I believe, and very well removed.
    Would post pictures, sorry for them in nete not easy to find. Pic

  • btntlt says:

    1-Steve Holmes-elegant, behaves normally, especially without slaps and humiliations partner
    2-Manuel Ferrara- crazy fir-tree, though it’s unpleasant to look at the fimozoic zalupa
    3-Frank Major- as for me, outwardly he is the most beautiful actor, sports body + big dick
    Paraphrasing the previous author, Rocco is very good, but I’m not cute, and Nacho is just enraging.

  • grLeonid says:

    1 place -Manuel Ferrara – N1. He a priori is the best among the pundits of the classical school. No one came close.
    2 place – Rocco Siffredi, it is unique, like Manuel, and is legendary, but still Manuel shows more emotional and sensual sex, is given to him completely, often infecting his same partner.
    3rd place is shared by the indefatigable James Deen and “old man” Nacho Vidal. Both are tough enough in sex, but Nacho is still resting in comparison with James Dean, both in terms of stiffness, and in terms of realizable fantasies.
    Excuses Nacho has, his hands are tied, because he is removed in classical vanilla (well, or in a hard gonzo, which is nevertheless essentially vanilla). Here in the framework of tough classics, he is an unsurpassed master.
    James Dean stands firmly on the bronze pedestal of honor as an unsurpassed master of brutal games, domination and tireless fakery. What are his works for PublicDisgrace, SexandSubmission, etc. worth? In the genre of BDSM, James Deen is beyond competition in principle.
    4th place – Mark Davis (Mark Davis). The old horse does not spoil the furrow, now he pleases more not as a classic auxerre, but as a master of domination in sessions that shoots a kink.
    5 place – Steve Holmes (Steve Holmes). Either he made a pull-up, or got stuck with a bot-box, but instead of leaving the stage long ago (which I hoped for, since he already pretty much got “all-existent” wherever possible), Steve started acting in a different genre.
    The old man is now rejuvenated, hit the BDSM and “smacks” (in all senses) the girls for the same office as James Dean. He does it more gently than Dean, and his role as a sophisticated aristocrat pervert (theupperfloor ..) in a new way revealed this actor.

  • In my ranking, Rocco is the best.
    Omar is good, but not always.
    Perry is not bad. A member of him would be more.
    Leh in some movies is not bad.
    Ferrara is normal, but the films themselves are monotonous.
    Steve Holmes at one time. But again, mostly in the movies with Rocco
    Christophe Clark did nothing, the member is too small for him, but the fistil is not bad.
    I also liked old Salieri. A member like a bottle.
    And all these Jeremy Rona are sluggish as sloths, with stale sausages.

  • patrobellicus says:

    Whatever we say, girls actresses are most satisfied with Manuel Ferrara. And a point. His style should be taken as a basis. Then comes James Dean (a little stiffer) and Nacho Vidal (very hard, although it can be and affectionate). Everward is generally fucking heartless, as well as most American actors (I know that he is Canadian). Mick Bleu is not bad, but he does not have enough words to say to the girls, compliments any – Ferrara just falls asleep to them, Dean and Nacho also say something. David Perry I respect. Rocco respect (although I do not fully understand why he is so loved by everyone that it was possible to do this …), apparently I’m already a younger generation.
    In general, the dry residue is Manuel, guys. Only Manuel is outstanding, four times Male Performer of the Year, a man who does not have athletic build, hair, uncircumcised, possibly having phimosis (which gives hope to people who also have phimosis), but who knows how to fall in love with almost any woman, Knows how to make compliments, sometimes messy, but sometimes as he thinks up something – at least stand, at least fall. Learn and learn from him.

  • Aleks_N says:

    Shane Diesel, I like how he makes girls squirt.
     Jack Venice, like the scenes with Gianna Michaels and his wife Hannah Hilton.
     Jordan Ash, many cool scenes. He reminds me somehow of the classic 80s fakers, such as Tom Byron / Peter North.
     Rocco Siffredi

  • Soncovo says:

    Recently began to look old porn – Parry remembered – though boringly – works as a breaker and everything
    Of modern, I like Dean more – the hatchet-headed popstar
    Well, for all time – Nacho Vidal and Rocco

  • I will not place them in places, but I will:
    – Rocco. Under old age, I was drawn to the hardest hardcore, but this is only a plus in my opinion;
    – Manuel Ferrara. Is able to disclose any heifer in a literal and figurative sense. No wonder many young ladies trust anal only him;
    – bearded dude (do not know the name) with facialabuse. Knows his business at 5+;
    – Nacho. Almost like Manuel Ferrara, just passed it now.

  • Manuel Ferrara and Rocco and many others are good, but they are all two heads lower than Nacho Vidal. After the films where he was the director, producer and fayer in all the scenes, other films are just not interesting to watch. Fair. Others have somehow played, cloyingly, not really.
    Nacho has his own unique style. Total control, removes under those angles that really impress. Everything is alive, real. If the film was shot by Nacho, let there be “terrible girls” as they sometimes write, I know the movie will be super. A huge tool with an iron erection, “understanding and view” of his partners, that he loves his work and does well. No wonder his wife was Franceska Jaimes, and now in twitter they have a lot of joint photos. If he fancies Franceska Jaimes in real life – this is what he says.
    Once again, Nacho films are made according to certain patterns, schemes, and everything is done so that even after the top films like Big Wet Ass and others, it’s just not interesting to watch, but the girls are candy, but how is it removed, without the original rolling patterns Nacho, and how they are graced by your Rocco and Ferrara, etc., just look at the sugary picture. All these fakery are mother’s sons in comparison with wild and reckless Nacho. They lack the savagery of Nacho.
    Bottom line: Nacho Vidal – the best since, he removes and fades no one can do.

  • 1shans1 says:

    Best for all the existence of the porn industry – this is certainly Rocco Sifredi.
    At the moment – James Dean (worthy replacement Sifredi)

  • losmaks says:

    I make a distinction between the two brothers Timo Hardy and Oliver Strelly, despite the fact that they look similar. Here Timo Hardy taxis, he really knows how to handle girls and acts easily, uninhibited and does not follow a tough scenario like other fakery.
    Well, Toni Ribas. A vision of how he fucks.

  • ShivTu says:

    1. Nacho Vidal. And there is nothing to discuss. The uncle has such data that many blacks will envy. And unlike 99% of blacks with ovar 10 “he has a normal erection, and not a pissing of the half-hearted whole scene.
    2. Manuel Ferrara, although lazy sometimes, but it can be seen that his work likes. And his camps are normal. And then the wild roar, convulsions and at the end of a couple of drops, like the popularly disliked Tatar, for example, is a chicken for a laugh. Even Nacho has such garbage on a regular basis. But this is genetics, there’s nothing you can do about it. Someone is given, some do not.
    3. All of a sudden, Mark Ashley. He knows when to shut up, instead of groaning oh, yeah, baby the whole scene. Actresses are crazy about him. Look at least his scene with Jada Fire and Vanessa Blue. I do not remember which movie, but it’s easy to google. Itself Ava Devine once in an interview confessed that, they say, “Mark Ashley knows how to make me his bitch.” So very few can boast.
    I do not share the people’s love for Rocco for some reason. But this is a legend, after all, let it be in the honorable fourth place.

  • warrobot says:

    Jean-Yves Le Castel at several mega-levels above and Rocco and all the rest and make him a healthy competition can only be his same old friend, David Perry.

  • borisovea says:

    Jean-Yves Le Castel, Kid Jamaica, James Deen, Lexington Steele
    To Rocco, Nacho Vidal, etc. A twofold opinion. One scene you’ll see – cheerfully, beautifully, with a twinkle. Another look – well, mu # $ to mu # $ @ oh with sadistic inclinations.
    P.s. Many loved, Manuel Ferrara is terribly annoying.

  • KorSAr_uln says:

    1. Rocco – with a large margin from the rest. Even with scanty little girls such
    Gets up to watch interesting. Sometimes it becomes a pity for them, as correctly noted
    Eugene2468. Comes up funny things, like, for example, the participation of older women in
    Scene with Manuel Ferrara in the movie “Le maitre et ses chiennes” – from another director
    It would have turned out disgustingly, Rocco’s is great. Now produces great films, like the second
    Breathing opened, – Psycho Love, X-Treme Gapes, Double Anal Festival. Invites Russian girls – it’s nice to hear native
    Speech (mothers are very funny).
    Disciples Rocco:
    2. Manuel Ferrara
    3. Omar Galanti
    4. Kid Jamaica – actually (IMHO) negroes do not pull, but this works from the heart – Rocco taught. For example, in the clips of assholefever & dpfanatics, Kyd’s participation is a guarantee of quality.
    5.Steve Holmes
    6. Brandon Iron
    7.Jean Val Jean
    Black list:
    1. John Strong is a soulless machine.
    2. Michael Stefano – like trying, but not clinging. You think that Manuel Ferrara would be in his place.
    James Dean – not bad, but only

  • valsor says:

    Rocco impresses, only here really women from him probably hung and hung. Well, anyone who likes that such nehily knob tastes miserable ass oooochen dolgo.Ya noticed that Rocco is very much a fan of anal and continually strives to “go from the back door”)))))))))))))

  • nickolas2013 says:

    1 st place – Rocco Siffredi
    2 nd place – Mike Adriano
    3rd place – Timo Hardy
    4 place – Omar Galanti
    5th place – Erik Everhardt

  • igor-111 says:

    Timo Hardy already mentioned …
    This is a young Russian talent, a worthy replacement for all old men! Absolutely crazy approach to a woman.
    After his films with urine), it’s no longer that you do not want to watch anymore – some kind of fuss in the sandbox is one …
    By the way, by the way, producers have let it go to such super-shmars, I do not remember any names, some bi-pair, one seems to have a slightly Japanese eye-cut …

  • los-maks says:

    For me the best is Manuuuuuuuuuuu and finally can a list of excellent long-formers
    For me in porn, everything should be even, I mean that if the frame is an ideal beautiful heifer, then it should be the perfect “Cute” man with a normal member and not some kind of blunt Hungarian type Frank Gun who does not have a member of Gnilota!
    Good and pretty Jean Val Jean
    Ian Scott is also in the ranks
    Kieran Lee
    Scott Neils, too, is nothing, but he is primitive
    Rocco and Nacho (old men in the ranks)
    Chris Strokes
    James Deen is also not bad but notable
    Mike Stefano

  • atom007 says:

    Ihoho Bald Christian is not bad, but I saw a movie there he Diamand Foxx in the ass faloimetator tucked, and on the rotan he took where he saw … after that my opinion of him changed …….. I would have noted Keiran Lee is shot only in the Brazzers but often, mostly mows in the roles under the fool and a club with about 25cm

  • Yranych says:

    I will not take the original and say the following. With respect to all participants in the survey:
    Manuel Ferrara
    Hidden text
    Tony Ribas
    Hidden text
    Roco siffredi
    Hidden text
    And many others. Simply this is the most famous. IMHO

  • vovkatorpedo says:

    Definitely Evan Stone and only EVAN STONE. It is unclear why he was hardly mentioned. I will not argue that it is the best, because there are many opinions. But the most ingenious in sex – that’s for sure.
    And reiting for me is this:
    1. EVAN STONE – Best of the Best
    2. Keiran Lee, also unpredictable, in all scenes is different. Looks thin, and the woman in such poses shpar, that anyone will envy. Variety is his token. A disadvantage, then that only Brazzers can get rid of.
    3. Jonnhy Sins, awesome body and knowledge of his body
    4. Lexington Steel – the best of those who love sex, that jumped and everything was done by a girl
    5. Erik Everhart – looks plain, but the bitch keeps that tempo? That it becomes scary, the best of lovers of anal sex

  • Bald – Christian. Normal Faker – respectful to women, charming. Such like women. The downside is that he’s glowing in the perverted topic
    Mick Blue – he when fucks, makes such an animal face, as if in space flies away
    Jean Val Jean – in my ideal factor, in terms of external data
    Scott Nails – how under this Cattle screamed Lacie Heart. I think many of the deffks are crazy about him.
    Mikey Butders – a cool lisp person, it is interesting to play in the scenes before sex.
    Randy Spears – a well-deserved factor, would kill with envy
    Nacho Vidal – he saw a few movies, but he looks like a sadist with his monstrous horseradish.
    Marco Banderas – an Indian with an eternal dumb smirk idiot
    Ben English – haughty such a bald English, mug evidently asks for a bit of a baseball bat
    Rocco – no longer interesting, predictable.

  • Minus resp. For everything is exactly the opposite. Repulsive mug, sadism, woodiness, lack of play and passion – stupidly work at the pace of the sewing machine, shielding the screen.
    Europe. Besath almost all these familiar Europeans, all these Jany-Poli Arnodas, Baylaty, Steve Holmes, Lecasteli, Perry, Zenzy Ruggie, Woodman (beee), all these filthy fictions in the notorious German Porno ™. Why? Normal porn should look like this – on the screen passionately groaning actress / actress, in which the members of unknown to whom are poking (maybe you, o the spectator?).
    What does it look like in them – in full screen, drooping saliva and utterly mumbling hairy Neanderthals of old age are poked with gray muzzles in quietly popping in the background actresses.
    Maybe a man and should be a Neanderthal in sex. May be. Only porn and sex are different things. In porn, people want to look at the little hedgehogs and listen to their groans, and not watch and listen to the parade of these freaks.
    Well, plus a distorted face at the time of ejaculation in Europe to show – haha?
    Peter North. The actor’s game is missing. There is no chemistry. You can safely be replaced by a hose with a balloon with cream or something like this – no one will notice the substitution.
    Negros. As a convinced anti-racist I will say, there are no Negroes – there is no racism.
    Sadism – Mr. Pete, Brandon Iron, Rocco, yes thousands of them: \
    This maniac mug, by the way, is very similar to Martin Brodeur, one of the great goalkeepers in the history of hockey. Unpleasant even somehow. Martin is tall, I’m stamping for NJD, they have a current epic feil current for this season

  • +
    Pros for the person is not without intelligence, respect for the partner, acting skills, humor, chemistry with a partner.
    In the story of the American – Randy Spears. A thorough man, without any homosexual aesthetics. And the actor is a good actor. With humor.
    In the gonzo, Jules Jordan. Intelligent person. Passionate and hard sex without sadism.
    Robert Rosenberg is also a normal guy.
    Of Europeans Mick Blue, Francesco Malcolm, Titus Steele, Titof, Ian Smith are normal guys. Not the elderly freaks with saliva, about which speech is lower.

  • Investigator2009 says:

    The comrade who spoke about the bald man was referring to Mick Blue. Cool people, it’s easy to remember (constantly with your green Rolex Sabmariner). A couple of years ago I lit Mark Ashley. And the most factor is probably Rocco, the stallion will not calm down.

  • casper986 says:

    I believe that Peter North is currently not worthy of attention. Except for a plentiful ejaculation – nothing special he does not demonstrate. There seems to be a whole topic dedicated to this particular feature.

  • Do not remember about it because outwardly he is not a freak, but quite the contrary, the usual eye can not catch on, and he is a phlegmatic by temperament, it seems – he is very quietly fucking all the women To be overtaken heavily, this and I do not remember. Among the women, I’m sure, this is one of the most popular fakers in the realm. It seems that it does not disappear any more. He did not become a legend of propriety, but he “nobly”

  • Anchuta says:

    For some reason no one remembered about such a performer as Julian Rios. In my opinion, he is favorably different from freaks like Ron Jeremy (otherwise he will not be called) his attractive appearance, athletic figure and grace. And in porn business he is already a veteran. I think it’s his number one fighter!

  • partizzzanka says:

    Best Actor – Johnny Sins
    – rolling, without exaggeration, the ideal body
    – it lasts a long time
    – relatively abundant seed eruption
    – Shaved genitals
    – almost always makes cunnilingus and caresses women
    Is a long straight term

  • Amare091 says:

    It would be interesting to hear the opinion of women in this topic. And the fact that for muzhiks – a class Faker, who must learn, for a woman, maybe – a terrible monster. There are, of course, TTX:
    – The speed of erection,
    – Persistence and quality of erection,
    – Control over ejaculation and the ability to have sex for a long time and actively.
    – Ability to re-act.
    But it’s all by nature. Here you can just envy. How can this be learned? In general, there is something strange, when men value the sexual talents of other muzhiks. Probably, it’s still women’s business. They have a different view of this.

  • Definitely Ron Jeremy. I have been fond of porn since the time of the Moscow Olympiad. He was already shining. Bright personality. I have a feeling that I have been living in parallel … And I envy him like a man … The rest are all students. John Holmes was also very much nothing, he left early, and there were other problems. It’s a pity. Of the female composition, perhaps Teresa Orlovski …. Brilliant …. Now retired, probably

  • Leontei says:

    1 Steve Holmes
    2 Mr. Pete
    Here are 2 normal guys) Steve Holmes pipiska big)) and by the way he is 49 years old! And fucking girls he is not even bad!

  • fitaser says:

    It happens that one successful role elevates a person to previously unattainable heights and it begins to be called everywhere, wherever possible. Anthony Rosano, for example, in the industry long ago, but recently appears on the covers of DVD more often than many actresses. He began to play serious roles in the plot films and copes well, but before the significant role in Sex Files: A Dark XXX Parody, I did not hear about him as a dramatic actor.

  • trancemaster777 says:

    Well, after all, in the prone, the appearance that stands out and is remembered by something, with due diligence, only contributes to success and helps to achieve the result more quickly. ZY: For some reason, Christophe Clark remembered at once, which most ordinary people remember as “Mr. Curly Member”

  • LUCIFER says:

    Yes, that’s what is happening in the industry, that people achieve great success not with some phenomenal external data, but strong personalities, purposeful and hardworking. Actresses have the same story and some people do not cease to wonder how you can become a superstar and so many different awards are constantly “raking” without having super looks, it is even possible.

  • DimaZW says:

    Ron Jeremy is far from Apollo, that’s why he always stands out against the background of others. Seymour Butts, as an actor, seems to be almost completely unknown. He is famous, rather, as a director, IMHO. James Deen has the usual appearance of a “normal” person: no special physical data, no punctures, no piercing – you’ll pass by and you will not notice.

  • San4ez89 says:

    First you need to clarify what a number of roles. Number of feature films or number of scenes. Someone was shooting for paid sites, and some did not. Ron Jeremy has a lot of movies, where he does not have any scenes at all, and he just flickers in the episodes. Secondly, you need to exclude compilations from the calculations, at, though not all, but added, as well as add those films that did not go to the US (in they are not). Then Rocco will get not 419, but approximately 1300-1400 films

  • WHITE PERSON says:

    It’s on these two peppers that I have two daddies. The rest are devoted only to heifers. Yet, povanderiv on half a year, I found Brandon Iron from BDSM. He’s cool not on frictions, on them every pornostar is cool. This person behaves with them as the Boss. Even those who are far from submissive, just lie under it. Ferrara and Dean have great preludes in addition to the action, but Iron still has a lot of social components involved. Even for the end of the sluts, it’s enough for him to say something like “we agreed without a mat” once and then she stops fake moaning “oh, fuck me, fuck me more!” “Well, as punishment, your nose must rest on my stomach, nose in the stomach.” And he has a bolt under 16 cm, an excellent breath-control)

  • 1. Rocco
    2. Lecastel
    3. Yves Baylat
    4. Steve Holmes
    5. David Perry
    6. Manuel Ferrara
    7. Jan Scott
    8. Erik Everhardt
    9. Robert Rosenberg
    10. John Holmes

  • Ron Jeremy beyond any doubt. The starter at 60, and he is still in shape and it’s with such a belly. Although comments are unnecessary, take a look at the number of movies, and even more scenes. The crowds prutsya, the audience applauds. Ron Jeremy is the LEGEND !!!

  • v1ctys says:

    For America, Petya North, who’s tireless is so tireless for more than 20 years …. Not far from him – Giant Porn John Doe, Mike Horner, Tom Byron and Randy Spears … Europe- Rocco, out of competition in general

  • Dasha007 says:

    Significant differences, I believe, can only be on ethnic grounds. Russians, Europeans, white Americans, Canadians are all the same, i.e. Race type Caucasian. Many have become “their own” in the US, but do not forget that the Manuel Ferrara named here is French, Eric Everhard is Canadian, etc. The most successful Russian performer and director in the United States is John Strong, he takes a lot of first-class gonzo and in plot films, when a Russian is needed according to the script, then he is often invited. The most, probably, positive actor is always young and smiling Randy Spears. Girls immediately feel his energy and the scenes are gorgeous. Rocco Siffredi certainly idol, this name is known to those even who do not in principle look porn. Soon 25 years, as he is in business, and there is no worthy change today.

  • pla4ik2HH says:

    Manuel Ferrara – at you yes …) Steve Holmes identity is not bad, jogger yet, the truth is sad sometimes a bit. Likes to lick and lie around. Eric Everhardt – hell with his ugly (at my girlfriend said so), but the kents fit. The series are good with him. Kicked from the heart of cancer. From the old – definitely Jacques-Yves Lekastel and Rocco! Especially when they were hanging out together … prikolisty still those.

  • Wolfink says:

    I’ll say this: judging by the picture, the Europeans are fucking the best. So intensely and selflessly as they are, no one dabits. From something immediately recalled the indefatigable David Perry Well, about Rocco do not forget. In my opinion, there is a number 1. Africans with their corn should be very careful, because they can and on the British flag by carelessness. The Latinos are good, I would put them in second place, but not so many, mainly in Brazilian products. White Americans are somehow well-fed, most of them are doing their job in a big way, they do not bother to Europeans much. This primarily concerns the current generation of workers. Those who worked in the 90’s were more efficient. Asians – they are virtually invisible, tk. Japanese products do not look, but in the rest of the porn industry they are not, except some dude storming the European market alone. Domestic – I do not watch them at all, and the amount of work they have at the level of statistical error, i.e. Can be ignored. PS: Another thing is that m / y “dolbytsya” and fuck, too, you can find the difference. If the first I said, then the second is better, probably, to judge women.

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