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  • woodywoodpecker says:

    Read some posts and to be honest in shock. It turns out that there are people who are able to deliver a story, naturalness and all that ahead of quality? Well, I’ve climbed a lot on it, I was looking for something interesting from the golden nineties and almost no shit of normal videos found it! From what he downloaded and left – Hochzeits Report scene with Kelly Trump is very sexy and Talk Dirty to Me 8 with P.J. Sparxx (this is from what came to mind immediately). The rest or quality of VHS Rip, it is impossible to watch, or the same nonsense as in modern porn – no fancy for the director and stupid fuck, even dress sexy porn actresses can not … As for modern porn, it wins in all plans. Firstly, the quality is excellent, and secondly, that for me it is in the first place, you can find such actresses who like to dress sexy for filming (Jessica James, for example, I noticed that she likes corsets very much-she has a lot of videos of it). Thirdly, many thematic videos – nylon, latex, lingerie, deepthroat, gonzo, sales of smoking, etc. for every taste. And the fact that now, as some say, “inhumanly” fuck, I will say: yes, girls need to fuck! Given the kind of self-serving and deceitful … “I love you, I love, I love,” and then they drop: “I’m with another” … Who else will have humanistic ideals after such preaching? I would, if I had a cool appearance, I would seduce them, and then when she says to me: “I love you”, I would say: “So, I want group sex, lead a girlfriend.” And then her jaw slowly hangs down … “Aaaa.” “But you say you love me! Love is not capable of such things.” Oh, no, do not you love? Then I went nah! ” Which of the boys knows what I mean, will understand. That’s about the fact that the ink is flowing and the secret secretions are flowing, yes, I agree, bust … Well, it depends on the director, if he so likes, then what now.

  • IMHO. The last couple of years there has been a steady progress in pornography. Progress in the first place in the increasingly frequent rejection of unnatural postures used only to demonstrate on the camera direct close-up co-operation. That is, more and more often come across videos in which models really have sex, and do not depict partial frictions on the camera. But this is applicable far from everything that now comes out … although the further, the more often I meet.

  • KellyMick says:

    The situation is the same as in all art – in the ’70s -‘ 80s life was simpler and more natural. Music, literature, cinema had the properties of classical value and aesthetics. The same is true of porn films … The quality of the shooting has appeared, but the quality of “shooting” has disappeared. The covenants of the leader of the world proletariat were made into life about the accessibility of art to the masses of the people.

  • MMMonster says:

    Rather, modern products (for video quality and emotional sensation). With some exceptions, everything that is “more ancient” than the beginning of 2000s is more a feeling of nostalgia. However, to the modern films, there are certainly claims, and not a few, in the first absence of design, design, preludes, as a rule, near the lesbian caressing / masturbating girls, the stallion / stallions materialize (which is necessary to emphasize) that immediately leads to the beginning of the dolze-bombing. What an incredible dominance anala.Net I do not argue, the taste and color of comrades, but where does this general fashion for exponential cleansing of the anus (associated with what?)? Scenes with an unreality extended scruff of the neck open Yoy, revealing the insides nothing but horror and vomiting urges do not cause. Approximately the same level of sexuality has an autopsy in the morgue. Another would like to add an atmosphere on the site / state of actresses. I realize that it is probably difficult for a girl in a firm mind and sober memory to keep Playful mood and a happy face on the face, when throughout the broken hour, in all possible ways, she has a crowd of peasants (often of indefinite social and national origin), and even before the camera’s lens. But why These full melancholy and despondency of the eyes of the prisoners of Auschwitz are simply unbearable.Why are they torturing people so much? Why do they agree to what is obviously extremely unpleasant? Not so much is there and billions are paid .. In general, it is like that. We will follow the development of the events “

  • Ubernake says:

    Probably you’ll laugh the respected members of the forum, but I like when passionately kissing (without falseness and bewilderment) on the screen, paradoxically as it may seem in the context of porn. Unfortunately, such moments are rare as it will lead to a triple rainbow)) A huge amount of video have to be reviewed in search of that very moment. But as soon as I find it, I’m pleasant. My breath hits me. )

  • Nagamaga says:

    The most favorite film – probably the one that I saw before all. For me, Young Like It Hot (1983) had a cult status, just like all the videos of the 80’s. The girls were beautiful then, feminine very, and worked with the soul.

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