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  • badpornodian says:

    Probably, many poorly imagine what an “interesting” porn is. Well, yes, they can not look unshaven pelotki and digitization with VHS (and this is another story). And they call “interesting” any stupid copulation, most likely just for a fucking sharp picture in high resolution. Well, the plot of this “interesting” porn can be described in a few words: a half-hour standard scene (usually just stupidly on the couch) – first blowjob (kuni) or fisting, then vaginal fuck, well, analchik with the subsequent ejaculation on the actress whore whit Language. Now porn has become simpler, but it has become a lot in HD, soon and in 3D. People are stupidly consuming, not thinking about quality. The quality turned into quantity. I would compare modern porn with chanson or Russian serials – also stupid for the stupid cattle. I do not argue, really, in order to quickly close the bolt, not bothering with the plot, it’s the most modern porn. Then it would be more accurate to compare it with fast food. And in porn more and more silicone rules, unfortunately, but not natural beauty. So I think that this porn is an era from the 1970s to the late 1990s. Many of the films of this time can be viewed as works of cinema, and still nehilo excites.

  • I like American porn (especially the second half of the 90’s.) And the European (early 2000’s.). It seems it was a “golden age” of porn (for me). There was some special erotic ethics.

  • momento99 says:

    At me for years of viewing a porno the circle of liked actresses (from different years) was defined, here only I and I look.

  • Nikeolas says:

    70-80. I can explain. In those films there was a plot, and the girls are more real than now. After all, few people, except perhaps that pimply youth, excites sex itself. Most want to diversify their sex life, and seeks, first of all, a fantasy that he can play with a partner. In older movies, this was more. In modern times … Sex often goes to an almost sterile empty studio with pre-stripped actors. And why in this interesting?

  • usant6666 says:

    Somehow recently, people like films with a storyline, it would be better to translate. Although the hard gonzo is also not bad

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