Night Moves Awards: Adriana vs Lana

On October 8, the ceremony of awarding pornopremia NightMoves Awards took place, the main award in which was Adriana the Great. This fact (as well as the presence of substances in the body) tore the roof off, by the way, another laureate (“The Best New Starlet”), Lana Rhoades, – she attacked Adrian, photos of the scratched neck of the Performer of the Year can be seen in the previous post.
At the moment, Lana in prison (sic!), The porn industry in malice, the fans in bewilderment and sadness. One thing is clear – she was ordered back to the industry. She would be forgiven for hysterics because of the non-receipt of the award (who does not exist), could even forgive the drug (with the guarantee of correction), but the attack with all this set is a sentence to her career. Lana’s agency has already broken off all relations with her, Adriane Megan Reyn’s loyal war girlfriend tweeted that the truth is sad, but she is that Lana is a heroin addict who puts herself above others, but in business, without a year, a week. In general, on the career of Lana you can put a cross.

Personally, I have never been a special fan of her, and even on the contrary, I was surprised at this kind of HYIP around her, but the latest works inspired hope for the future and confidence in the future, as well as the belief that patience and fornication-and great rewards from nowhere will disappear. And here is such a deafening explosion of the best new star.

But trouble does not come alone. Around the same time, under unexplained circumstances, the twitter and instagram of another breakthrough point of the year, Angel Smalls, was removed. There is no evidence that this is somehow connected with the ill-fated ceremony, but this is not easier. Happened so far, few people noticed, but the forums are already slowly covering the panic – are we so suddenly lost such an outstanding anal babe?

However, the most frustrating is not the fact that Angel could have gone away or anyone else, but how it happens. Similar self-drinking from all social networks (if it is, of course, self-drinking, and not some kind of misunderstanding) without farewells and announcements – this is a kind of announcement. Declaration of the war of his career, his vocation, his fans, and most importantly – his past. After all, if you are slamming the door, then you never were not that happy, even if just satisfied with your activities.
That is, we look at the eyes, rolled up in a fit of feelings from the drumming tight point of two hefty bobbins, we look at the smiling face, filled with sperm – and it becomes warm on the soul, and a ray of light breaks through the gray routine. And in the end it turns out that all this was a fraud. That the eyes are not rolled up with pleasure, but with tension or drugs, that behind a mischievous smile there is a desire to dump in the shower as soon as possible, that the one who now you so sensually tones, tomorrow you will scratch your neck. A sad day in the history of porn.
Though now it was thought – and after all about history of Lana and Adriana it is possible to remove excellent, without jokes, bajopik. Two heroines, differently going to success and reacting to it, mistakes, betrayal, friendship and many, many anal – have all the texture for a good drama.

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  • verygood says:

    To work without an agency from its own free will and work without an agency, because it immediately unilaterally broke all relations – these are different things. Such a gap is important not because the model will change the contractual routine, but as an indicator of the seriousness of the problems in this model. The model is at the peak of the HYIP, and the agency breaks off the contract with her, and if we discard anything other than a priori skepticism that is not supported by the theory that all this is framed for the sake of PR, there can be only one logical conclusion: this model has no problem with the fly size. And since it so happened that this model in recent times personified the mainstream porn, then problems with him (fans of alternative goths this of course does not hurt, but I did not address them).

  • morningsun says:

    And you can write more specifically and do not create fog on an equal place, especially since what happened was absolutely within the industry and concerned other industry representatives (and not just the husband broke, the father locked the house). Or do you really think that a conventional fan of Lana will be satisfied with such an answer, and will not immediately ask “With whom?” What happened? ” Or will not run in Google? In my opinion, you greatly underestimate the interest of fans in the life of the model outside the camera, especially when it directly relates to her career. That is, in a sense, you try to turn any events that are unfavorable to you into a fly.

  • youreyes says:

    I’m not saying that this should not be mentioned at all, I say that it is not worth inflating an elephant from a fly. Half of the actresses work without agencies at all. Everything will be as always. Even if Lana does not shoot for a while, she will probably be filmed for a year ahead of her. Here Anna de Ville flew to the Legals, they filmed with her immediately 12 scenes, and now a year or two they will be released. Although she has already flown to them, so they already spread new scenes, and some of those old scenes, figuratively speaking, still lie on the shelf.

  • leftof center says:

    Although, perhaps, the analogy with “Dikaprio on Oscar” is not quite accurate. If Leo fights, this in itself will not affect his career for the worse, but on the contrary he can even haypanut with it. Here, under the threat of a career. Not the fact that it is over, but the fact that this case will directly affect it, and there is no reason to say that for the better, because it is possible to ban some / many actresses and studios. And it does not compensate for any HYIP.
    And, as they say, to be clear about “here it’s not interesting for anyone”.
    According to my observations that Lana, that Adriana – those very few models that under their videos collect comments. That is, if we talk about personalities, it seems to me that these are really the two most popular models on our tracker. Well, maybe the top 5, but the essence is clear. Adriane was dedicated to 3 waves of giant packs, in Lana’s most recently an unexpected series of analysons triumphantly culminated in a sensational DAP that gathered dozens of comments in a short time – for a pornotreker it’s a lot. And now, if you agree with the original data, on your fingers.
    On our pornotreker very popular videos with Lana and Adriana. -> There was an event: Lana attacked Adrian -> This event had already directly affected her career (her agency refused, her reputation collapsed within the community), and maybe even ruined her -> users of our pornotracker can no longer see videos with Lana or see them in less quality / quantity.
    The logic is clear or completely simplified? Ok, I’ll write like this:
    On our pornotreker very like videos with Lana -> -> -> on our pornotrekere can no longer be videos with Lana.
    And now tell me where this line of reasoning can be inserted “this is just dirty laundry and here it is of no interest to anyone.”

  • johnbead says:

    Pornopremii and porno-ceremony are part of the porn industry. What you describe as “no one on the tracker is not interested” (oh, this manner of speaking for all) is tantamount to the situation, as if the conditional Leo Dicaprio at the Oscar award ceremony gave in the scoreboard to some Day-Lewis for what it again rolled, and at the film forums would be silent about it and “we just watch movies here, all sorts of scandals are not interesting to us.” Do you believe in this yourself? The fact that here it is not discussed, only speaks about the listlessness of the forum, and this is not a reproach – it is understandable, the tracker is created for content, and the discussions are deeply secondary here. On the forums created for discussion, this topic is mega-relevant. But this does not mean that on our tracker in the topic “Discussion of the porn industry” it is inappropriate to discuss the self-important scandal inside the porn industry in recent times. And if inappropriate, then why does this topic exist at all? To what in it to discuss?

  • beardface says:

    In comparison, you can bring the stars of show business / musicians / TV hosts, etc. shorter than all who are engaged in public activities. Some are only interested in activities (what he does) of a public person: films, songs, television programs, etc. Others also like to dig in the dirty underwear of a person: divorced, not divorced, how many children, what’s the name, who got into a fight, where he rests and so on. The publication is the yellow press. Same thing with pornography. What do I care about what’s happening outside the set? Who is there who infected syphilis, who beat whom, who is married to someone else, and other garbage. Here on the tracker, this is of no interest to anyone.

  • subject says:

    You confuse the concept of “plot” and the concept of “meaning.” The plot is a series of events, without any evaluation. It can be filled with meaning, or you can leave it with an empty crap. Mine (semi-ironical, by the way, but you’re on serious skeptical scrubs, irony does not read at all), the remark is that this story could become a good basis for the film, because there are heroes and there is a conflict. Conflict does not come down to scratches – it’s just an outward manifestation, but there is still a conflict internal, etc. etc. Describe to me the plot of “Nights” and say that it is so unique, to which it is impossible to twist, for example, this story. And you do not get tired of stuffing epithets like skins and TP, but tell me, and how does Mark Wahlberg’s character differ from them in principle? Is he a deep, mega-interesting person? Or, maybe, that girl on the rollers is not TP, unlike? And did you really watch this movie or just “know” about it by reading the synopsis at the film screening?

  • And who told you that I said that everyone should be interested? And even more so, that everyone should love them? If they are not personally interesting to you, it only talks about you, and not about the fact that the situation does not deserve attention – that’s all I mean in the dispute with you. You fuck – ok, but actually, there is one laureate “according to fans” attacked another laureate “according to fans’ version, and you want to say that this is so-so topic for pornoresursa? Kamon. Just you and you give out wish for the reality, they say, I’m not interested, it means to others too.

  • You just so express wishful thinking. Like “our everything” and all that. Who told you that everyone likes them? I personally do more on alternative porn: chicks with tatuhami, all that. You give your favorites as common darlings. They are known, yes, but that does not mean that they are all to taste.
    The plot “Nights in Boogie Style” is the same (I know about this film) not about two TP, which just fought at the awards ceremony. And you only want to suck the plot for the film from this event. Did you understand the difference? And Christie Mack is not so long ago a UFC fighter beat, and she is not being removed. It seems to be fresh and in the memory, and everyone forgot, to shit all. And this despite the fact that Christie something I liked externally. And then two skins got ripped off, yes. Then about Laura Taylor you can shoot the whole series, as she jumped from the third floor, escaping from the “rapists”.
    No, all fights for real. You, most importantly, believe.

  • igorij50 says:

    Well, now imagine, for example, the situation that Adriana will say to the studio that wants to haypanut on Lana, that then they will not be removed from them anymore. And it will be supported by several more models, the same Megan, for example. Yes, many will support, judging by the current unanimity. Well, why this gemor studios? Exchange a few respected stars for one moved? Which, incidentally, among fans now, popularity should fall sharply – now any of its potential feats will already be perceived in advance with suspicion – that it is not from a “pure heart”, but under drugs simply. Yes, and Adrian offended, whose fans are clearly not less.
    That’s what I meant by comparing with doping. Not the fact of taking drugs, but what followed – it is in their midst seriously condemned. What is worth the fact that her native agency immediately broke off all relations with her – serious career problems have already begun, and a positive HYIP is only a hypothetical fantasy of boring skeptics who see only PR and calculation in everything.

  • Alex_nov says:

    Good news continues – mentioned by me “Nights in the style of the Boogie” about this and there, only there about the guy. The young dude got into business, became a star, caught a starfish, began to hint at drugs, took down the roof, fought (with the director who was like his father), well, further about how he got out of this situation. In retelling it looks banal, as well as retelling the plot of any film. The quality of the film is determined not by the general plot, but by the way it is served.

  • gazizov says:

    Porn does not go anywhere, it’s a fact, but about Lana I very much doubt that she will return to her former status – only if through public repeated repentance and then with caution. That is, she can still be shot, but she can definitely forget about the prizes and star career. Hap heyp, but when you are unanimously (and on business), the entire sphere in which you work will rebel, this is not the one that will help your career. Well, it’s like athletes who were caught in doping – who helped when, who career after that resumed at the same level?
    Well, about the mouse fuss. The fight between the two most popular stars at the peak of a career – whatever you say, this event is out of the ordinary. Or are there other examples? I do not remember.

  • olegmv10 says:

    It attacks and scratches in the middle, because it’s interesting what will happen next. In general, do you think about a pornographic industry you can not shoot a good movie, where you really can laugh and cry? I have good news for you, there are such films. “Nights in the style of the Bug”, for example, – a bunch of prizes and nominations, including Oscar. So the irony is clear, but not very appropriate.

  • ybrjkf says:

    And in the end, one simply attacks the other and scratches – all the final finals. Perhaps colleagues and some “webcams” even appreciate and tear, but why is this “spectacle” normal people?
    In general, all these closures and account deletions in the social. networks – a way to attract attention. Rises and returns.
    In fact, all this is a mouse fuss. I personally do not care about all these stories. Much ado about nothing. Porn lived and will live, and in it there will be a lot of TP-drug addicts like Lana. And Lana herself will not go anywhere, only “haypanet”, as it is customary to call now.

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