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  • John Deree says:

    I do not understand what people like unshaven genitals … I think it’s just not hygienic and unpleasant … And I fully support the fact that in modern porn girls shave their pussies I like it. Yes, modern porn is much more debauched than retro, but even better, porn should excite and cause the most incredible

  • Amalia says:

    Yes, the dorsal is not bad. Enough “institutions” to remember. And there and without it is quite enough)) at one time really liked the playground, but rather because of quality)) and when some close-ups began to enrage – stopped to follow their novelties. And even pump this product. And in general films as such. IMHO, but for this reason for me at the moment, only the rollers. Eg footsiebabes / 21 sextury. Most of the videos are those. Podsadili still on feet, before for myself, I never noticed anything like this)) still really like nubiles, and if it’s about solo, then twistys / inthecrack. X-art also liked it before – fed up with it. But in general there are a lot of commercials, but these studios are in my opinion the most interesting and qualitative in all respects. Porn until 2000 can not tolerate at all. In any way. Do not even get up, sorry, this generation. When I found out what porn – tarzan and jane were no longer in vogue, but I still gave the tribute, having seen once this miracle))

  • zonner88 says:

    I believe that every generation of people had its own era of eroticism and porn. The first father’s cassette tape, the satellite channels tv 1000 and XXL, have a taste for this genre. That is, people born at different times, get their preference. Now the era of high quality Full HD and implementation as well as reducing the cost of LCD and plasma screens. It would seem – That’s it! A gold vein for the creation of high style and quality of films. But, as the members of the forum noticed, pron became a consumer goods and mass product. And hence the quality of actresses, the production of the story line (which many studios do not have) and the absence of a beautiful entourage, interior as well as mediocre imposed Sound with cheap samples. Recalling his epoch, the end of the 90s, the TV channel 1000 and XXL – Olivia del Rio. Laura Angel, Roberto Malone, Rocco Siffredi, Solange Hopes – storylines, the game through the eyes of actresses, courageous men, the game of * picking * before the fuck, fireplaces, Expensive villas, the sound of jazz music and about (Kenny G, Michael Franks, Gino Vannelli – It was beautiful. It was nice to watch with a woman, even on a TV measuring 21 inches .What I want to say – porn ruined genre * Gonzo * – cheapened himself Process, lack of enthusiasm – of course, and now there are expensive staged movies. But they are not of that quality. If now, we found the same film on which we shot * Torrero * or even * Tarzan * (and the resolution of the film was more than full hd – would transfer it to Blue Ray, it would be an indicator of the quality of the shooting itself, the cast of actors and directors and In the approach to the whole case.And still women’s pussies should be neatly decorated with a hair in the form of a heart) And yet women should be just beautiful.Natural. And yet women should be beautifully tanned, and not rosy-skinned fat women. And yet women should be older than 25 years, otherwise we see a teenager who is sorry to watch (and it’s better not to watch, of course – but still this genre is small.) And yet, piercings, tatusings and other shraming are not elite, it’s cheap I’m for a beautiful pro, for beautiful music in it, for beautiful women, it’s women (and not emo fools who climb to castings for the sake of a quick earning.) I’m for what would have been less pronounced at times, but the quality of performance was delicious. Like Andrew Blake.

  • Oddmain says:

    Individual actresses, technologies, genre, styles of epochs – this is particular. The film is an integral thing, the task of which is to convey something, some idea, so to speak; Or immerse in an atmosphere that is always multifaceted. The film needs a plan. It is important to give a general presentation. You can take down the ordinary life of people, but with an approach. That, not in words, Private Independent 2. The film plunges into the plot (no matter how simple it may be) and allows you to feel the situation. It can be seen that the actors tried it: the actors’ play, the plot, the director’s work, the soundtrack. One can speculate about how close he is to ordinary films in his presentation and how well the idea has worked out at all, but he stands out against the background of the monotonous flow of his genre. And it’s not about the actresses, although their game is important. Not in technology, although they make sense, definitely. It’s a serious approach, everything together right away. The film is not a toy – it really does convey some subtleties to some extent, which are often not taken into account at all. To call it this way, perhaps, can be psychological realism. And that’s what I like about him. The film carries away. Here it is necessary to dig. And how this is achieved is another matter. Of course, not always artistic style justifies it. But in many cases this is a key point. Ultimately, this, even an entertaining film (like any event in life) can enrich something, make you think, feel new facets, perhaps even become the impetus to something to rethink or understand.

  • jonghong says:

    Modern films in me personally mostly cause a feeling of disgust .. The plot here is extremely simple, fucked whore “dolbit in anal” muscular uncle, preferably a negro .. and then pulls out a gaping point and ends the whore with an ugly tongue pulled out .. Definitely films 80x! They, too, in my opinion are not many worthy, but those are available. There, ordinary uncles do not chop, but gently enter the penis into the ass, the girl while emotionally frowning the edges of the leg so she pronounces a-ah .. I personally like the medical theme .. here are a couple of filmies I like 2 and 3 scenes from the end, there is also a scene, a girl when two doctors appear, already heated enough, just on Desires ..

  • In my opinion porn 70s and early 80s is better than modern porn (Privat generally rests). Privat also do not like. But modern is being wound, like it by definition (that is, because it is modern). In general, I like first of all worthy attractive actresses, well-dressed, and qualitative picture. Although recently with porn tied and sometimes watch a quality lightweight BDSM:

  • dddddd says:

    In general, I think that only true connoisseurs can compare films. For me, porn is an extra sexual stimulus. I just do not look at it, just look. Although I also have a certain circle of preferred actresses, like many here, I do not like silicone, piercings and excessive tattooing, I prefer the presence of a natural breast not of the first size and fillet part, but not the bones in different directions. And I think that recently porn actresses were too carried away by silicone, even those who had everything in order with natural forms. From all that has been said, I will conclude: it was good before, and now it’s not bad. In all epochs one can find good, so my answer is: “The year does not matter.”

  • Excuse me, I just remembered. I see a dispute about whether there is hair or not. I want to protect the anal too. For me, if there is no analog in the film, then, with rare exceptions, I will not review it, but in the old films, anal also sufficed. Moreover, anal sex can not be called mockery or unnatural, it’s entirely natural, if, of course, one does not go into yet another perversion. Anal is loved and practiced by a large number of people (I do not mean now sexual minorities).

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