Randy De Troit

Randy De Troit – Trannies Pack 27 clips
Years: 2005-2012
Cast: Randy De Troit, Britney Markham (TVTS), Sylvia (TVTS), Malibu Barbie (TVTS), Candy (TVTS), Carey Anne, Annie Pannie, Vasheena (TVTS), Annie Fannie (TVTS), Sunset Boulevard (TVTS), Tracy Sparks (TVTS)
Genre: Transsexual, Shemale, Transvestite, Oral, Anal, Hardcore, Bareback, CrossDressing, Amateur, Fetish
Size: 17.52 GB
Videos: 27
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Every-x porn terminology

All Sex – full-length video with scenes of sex. Development of the plot No scene can be linked to any feature or idea, which is often reflected in the title.

Amateur – beginners, non-professional models

Anal Sex – sexual intercourse with anal

Asian – videos with asian girls (Japan, China, ect)

Bdsm – it is bondage, domination, submission, sadism, masochism

Big tits – keep the category of women with large breasts.

Blowjob – the collective name of oral sex in which the penis is raised passively mouth, tongue, teeth or throat of the host partner..

Bondage – bondage, limitation of mobility with the help of ropes, belts, leather or even special costumes, like the bag with lacing. usually from the skin or latex.

Bukkake – abundant Bukkake and mouth.

Cuckold – Cuckold man whose wife he had changed (or does so systematically).

Cunnilingus – Cunnilingus form of oral sex, female sexual arousal by acting on the clitoris and vulva lips, tongue or teeth.

Cum shots – ejaculation scene on partner

Cum swapping – a variety of games with the sperm. The girls poured each other cum i-mouth to mouth. As a rule, it ends with swallowing subproduct

http://every-x.com/tag/creampie/” target=”_blank”>Creampie -Internal cumshot

Dildo – Dildo, vibration-free model of an erect penis. Other names – strapon, anal stimulator vibrator.

Double Penetration – Double penetration – a kind of threesome sex. divided into:

DAP – double anal penetration
DPP – double pussy penetration
TP – triple penetration
TAP – triple anal penetration
DPP+A – double pussy penetration + anal
DPP+O – double pussy penetration + oral
DAP+P – double anal penetration + pussy
DAP+O – double anal penetration + oral

Deep Throat – kind of blowjob in which porn actress completely puts cock in her mouth, using his throat.

Facial – scene with ejaculation on face

Femdom – Female domination

Fetish — Various fetishes, usually the traditional direction, that is, the subjects of relations are still man and a woman, but the object of passion is a specific part of the body or garment, or a specific action. Breasts, Legs, Bdsm, Smothering, etc.

Fisting – hands on the genitals. There are vaginal and anal fisting (anal fisting can be and gays)

Footfetish – kind of fetishism, which is the object of fetish feet

Footjob – bring to orgasm feet

Gonzo – Video shot in the style of reportage. Scenes can be linked any indication, the idea, which is most often reflected in the title, or a very simple story. For gonzo characterized by moving the camera in order to create the effect of presence, interviews with artists, often the operator is a party to the sexual scenes. The action takes place in real time, the performers do not hide the presence of the camera, but on the contrary, can communicate with the audience.

Group sex – group sex. Distinguish “Gang Bang” – a lot of men (three or more) and one woman (if the two women, the number of men’s doubles); “Threesome” – a combination of two to one (two men to one woman and vice versa); “Foursome” – suitability, three to one. Also found FFM (female + female + male), MMF, FFMM, FFFM.

Hairy – women with abundant vegetation on the genitals.

Handjob – “Handmade” – bringing to orgasm using only the hands.

Incest – sexual intercourse between close relatives

Interracial – Sex between people of different races. Interracial (interracial porn) plays a very vivid role in pornography. In principle, any Race can be considered porn, which is attended by representatives of different ethnic groups (whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos).
However, for convenience, at Interracial term (sometimes abbreviated as IR) taken to mean porn with white girls and black men, on a large scale whose members made a special emphasis or contrast, white men and black women – here the emphasis is on their huge asses.
And other ethnic video divided into separate genres – Latin, Asian and other.

Lesbians – female homosexuality. Homosexual women are called lesbians. The term comes from the Greek island of Lesbos, where she was born and lived the ancient Greek poet Sappho, whose poems later often perceived as a glorification of same-sex love between women. However, some of the ancient sources mention and links Sappho with men. Maximus of Tyre wrote that the relationship between Sappho and her pupils of the school have been platonic. There is information about a lesbian relationship in ancient Sparta. Plutarch, in the description of Lacedaemon reported that ‘they attach so much importance to the love that the girls are erotic female partners from noble families ”

Masturbation – form of individual satisfaction of sexual desire by irritation own erogenous zones or erogenous zones partner (so-called mutual masturbation in which the partners stimulate each other). Also known names masturbation

Mature – middle-aged women

MILF – (Mother I’d Like to Fuck), moms – middle-aged women 35-45, Momma.
The term MILF is sexually attractive mature woman, usually at the age of 35 years. Despite the fact that the term has been widely used on the Internet until 1999, the year this popularity he brought the film of the year – “American Pie”, where the MILF term describes a mother Stifflera friends to his party: «Dude, that chick’s a MILF! ”
In Russian analog of this expression is not, therefore, often tend to use writing Latin MILF or just a woman aged, mature women, is much less common spelling of MILF. There is also another term – Cougar – Canadian expression, widely used in the United States, indicating a woman aged, “predator” (in the literal translation from English cougar means “mountain lion”), sexy men pursuing her junior.

Oral – Oral Sex means any sex using the mouth, namely, blowjob, cunnilingus or anilingus

Orgy – group sex, too, but in this case, the ratio of different sex partners are more evenly. For example, 3 + 2, 4 + 4, etc. Not to be confused with the “group sex” (group sex), when in the act of one partner takes one floor plus two (1 + 2 is called a threesome term) and a partner of the opposite sex (if the other sex partners 4+, it’s a gang bang

POV – porn in the first person. The term is an acronym for Point of View, which translated into Russian means “point of view”. Uses the following writing: P.O.V., P O V. POV porn – a genre of adult film, porn is in the first person. The aim is to cause the viewer feel as if he is taking part in the film on the spot pornoaktera. To do this, take the camera into the hands of the actor (ie there is no need for an operator, sound equipment and fixture), and porn actress stares into the lens of the camera. There are some scenes where the entire sexual intercourse takes place in this style, and there are mixed scene – then, as a rule, during oral sex, the operator puts the camera in the actor’s shoulder. Sometimes POV porn is considered as one of the varieties of gonzo porn. This is partly true, as the inventor and gonzo, and porn in the first person was John Stagliano, inspired by the then amateur porn.

Public – full or partial nudity in public places

Toys – sex toys, dildos, vibrators, etc.

Skinny – video with very thin girls

Squirt – This is one of the most controversial events in life and especially in XXX – movies. It is usually assumed that the squirt – when the girl during orgasm liquid ejected on the similarity of the sperm. Not at all it happens, but it happens … at least it can be developed. During the massage the point G. Also, they say, is “hard orgasm.” In a sense, difficult to reach, but as it turns out, is thrown out as much jet. With respect to the jet ejected porn ever.
But many experts on anatomy known that physically women have nowhere to take such a count, Jew-minute like a sperm, even a male sperm count is less than a tablespoon. Thus opponents of female ejaculation think that the eruption is nothing but urine abruptly ejected woman in obtaining pleasure iz-za inability to control at the moment of orgasm, his urine … And of course possible and just squirt when zhilanie actress – more importantly tighter and get jet …

Stockings – kind of fetishism, where the stockings are fetish

Straight – traditional sexual intercourse (vaginal sex alone)

Strapon – sex with a dildo, consisting of shorts, straps and attachment in the form of a phallus.

Swallow – sperm eating

Teens – young models

Threesome = Group sex